Physical and outdoor activities

Physical activities to get your child moving around and spending some of that excess energy …or to relax, if that is what most needed. You’ll notice we have tried to stick to materials you can find around the house.

Even though it is recommended to stay home most of the time, we can still go outside for short trip, even if it’s just in your neighborhood. These are activities for when the sun is shining, to make the most of Springtime.

Educational activities

Ready made educational activities according to the 4 essential learning principles contributing to the well-being and fulfillment of young children.

Artistic activities

Artistic activities that will develop your child’s creativity and motor skills.

Culinary activities

Simple and fun culinary activities for the whole family, with ingredients that you can find at home. Brace yourself for snacks and meals you won’t forget!

Other Resources

External resources, a nice add-on to our proposed activities.