Like many physical activities, dancing helps to lower stress, relieve tension, increase energy and improve sleep. So, we suggest a family dance party. Children need to see their parents dance and have fun and setting an example on how to feel good in their body. Children will also learn that acting a bit silly sometimes isn’t a bad thing! 

Step 1: Maestro, music!

To dance, it takes music, good music. You can make your own playlist of some of your favourite songs. Spotify also offers a lot of playlists for everyone’s tastes. 

No time to search? No problemTeam Slague has prepared a selection of playlists for you: 

Step 2: The Dancefloore

To make the party special, it takes a great outfit. Get out your best suits and dresses or even the most colourful ones. Everything goes, the only rule is to be creative! 

You also have to choose your dance floorDo not hesitate to move the furniture to have the maximum space to let your body express itself. Places like your patio or backyard are also great spots if the weather is nice! 

Step 3: Ready? Let's dance!

Once you have chosen your ideal spots to dance and your best outfit, it’s time to let your body express itself. Dance together or separately, express yourself with all kinds of moves and above all, have fun! Feel free to include the dance session to your routine. 


On today’s logbook page, kids can document their favourite activity of the day, for example, by drawing their new dance moves, by writing a list of their favourite songs or by writing what they mean to them. The possibilities are endless! 

If your child is documenting alone, you are invited to ask him or her questions to feed and improve the journal entry. Here are some questions you can ask: 

  • What was yourfavouritepart of the dance party? 
  • Next time we have a dance party, which songs would you like to add to the playlist?
  • What will be your nextcolourfuloutfit? 

Did you know...

  • … That research shows that dancing reduces stress and tension in our mind and body. Studies from The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute have shown that dancing can prevent heart disease.
  • … That over 300 years ago during the 16thcentury, African slaves were not allowed topractise martial arts. Instead, they created Capoeira, a mix of dance and fighting techniques to be able to protect themselves all the while respecting the law. 
  • … TheHindureligion has a very close relationship with dance and music. Examples can be seen in the countless Bollywood films that celebrate dancing. 


Furthermore, why not take an online dance class? To spend their energy well, even indoors, here is an online dance session for kids! 


An activity by Matante Claudette.