By offering events for all families, the Carrefour gives itself the mission of strengthening the presence of culture and music among Sudbury’s youth.

By offering continuous tours of cultural activities in our centres, children have access to a rich program, directly in their play and learning environment!

Les petites vues : Family movie Sundays, in partnership with Sudbury Indie Cinema dedicated to animating the mind and the imagination. Through cartoons, children will have the opportunity to experience fantastic and wonderful worlds on the big screen, filled with themes and issues that they will encounter throughout their lives. Through language and entertainment, young and old will have the opportunity to discover and explore notions of adventure, love, sorrow, complicity and friendship, all in French!

Upcoming Events

Our arts and culture programming

These artistic events, shows and workshops by professional artists are part of the Carrefour francophone’s daycare and Tremplin tours. Throughout the school year, children have access to rich and adapted programming directly in their play and learning environment.

Some youth shows and cultural activities are open to all!