Our Mission

Ensuring the vitality, the dissemination and the transmission of our French language and culture.

Our Vision

Carrefour francophone achieves high standards of excellence in education and culture through appealing, innovative, inclusive and rewarding programs that invigorate the community and bolster its Francophone dimension.

We are recognized as a builder and a lead resident organization of Place des Arts.

Our Brand

A Carrefour can be many things. It’s a meeting spot, an intersection where many avenues meet. It’s a plate to exchange and transform, a focal point. It’s also a sandbox to learn, grow and celebrate. It’s your first point of contact for three essential services: support for Francophone and Francophile families, cultural dissemination, and community gatherings.

Strategic Objectives

Carrefour francophone’s growth is guided by its strategic development plan for 2023-2025. In addition to its role as the lead organization for the Place des Arts project and the ongoing expansion of its Children’s Services, Carrefour francophone strives to be a rallying organization and to be ever more accessible to the Greater Sudbury community.

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