Founded in 1950 under the name Centre des jeunes de Sudbury, the Carrefour francophone is the oldest cultural centre in French Ontario.

For decades, Centre des jeunes was a wellspring of cultural and social activities in Sudbury, in particular for Francophone youth. It served as a hub for a wide array of cultural, educational, sporting and social activities that attracted large numbers of active members.

In the 1990s, the Carrefour francophone became a provider of family-oriented services. Through its Tremplin program (“tremplin” is the French word for springboard), it fills a major need for French-language children’s services in Greater Sudbury.

Since 2005, a wave of renewal has again brought the Carrefour francophone to the forefront of Greater Sudbury’s cultural and social scene, particularly with the creation of 9 early learning centres, 26 arts-themed summer camps (for both Francophone and immersion students), services in Sudbury East (2 early learning centres, 3 Tremplins, 2 summer camps) and the remarkable resurgence of La Slague, Greater Sudbury’s Francophone event promoter and festival organizer (La Nuit émergente, Le French Fest).

Over the course of 13 seasons with over 200 concerts and performances, La Slague has won many awards and is considered by its peers as one of the foremost event organizers in French Ontario.

Since 2013, the Carrefour francophone’s La Slague jeunesse has developed modern and dynamic cultural programming tailored to the needs of young children, mixed-language families and early learning based on play and discovery. In 2018, the Carrefour francophone became the first organization outside of Quebec to join the Petits Bonheurs network and organized in 2019 the first edition of Festival Petits Bonheurs Nouvel-Ontario.

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