Your little one learns through laughter!

Our early childhood centres are much more than a care centre: they are learning environments. Through play, your toddlers acquire skills that already prepare them to succeed in school… and in French! Our staff implements a holistic approach to early childhood development. With us, early childhood education is very important!

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Our teaching approach

Every child deserves personalized attention, and to have their personality respected. We therefore adapt our activities to the kids, rather than adapt the kids to the activities. Childhood’s enthusiasm and joie de vivre are energies that need to be channelled. But we let the children guide us: they’re very good at letting us know if we’ve managed to reach them where they are, to begin, and then brought to explore further afterwards.

Play is how a child acquires new concepts and develops confidence in his or her abilities. Because our aim is overall development, we keep in mind that distinctions between physical, intellectual and emotional development can be artificial. In reality, each one of these aspects influences all the others.

In accordance with the policy statement of the Ministry of Education, the Carrefour francophone uses the Ontario’s pedagogy for the early years “How does learning happen?“. This tool guides the Carrefour francophone and the educators in the development of our programs and services for early childhood.

Our early childhood centres include all this:

  • Infant groups (0 to 18 months);
  • Toddler groups (18 to 30 months);
  • Preschool groups (30 months to 4 years old);
  • A family group in certain centres (0 to 12 years old)
  • Full-time or part-time;
  • Subsidies available;
  • Specialized workshops offered by professional artists and experienced facilitators;
  • 2 snacks, 1 hot lunch;
  • Early childhood professionals;
  • Professional development for staff;
  • Stimulating activities adapted for your children;
  • Outdoor games;
  • Secure service;
  • From 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday (from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm in Sudbury East : Village des tout-petits and Trésor des tout-petits).

Our locations

The Carrefour francophone early childhood centres are located in the elementary schools of two school boards, La Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury and a College in Greater Sudbury.

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Nature and Forest Daycare Project

The nature and forest daycare project aims to remove obstacles to the outdoors in early childhood centres to increase the frequency and number of outings in the natural environment.

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Our rates

The Carrefour francophone’s early childhood centres rates are very competitive; in fact, they are lower than the regional average. Furthermore, the parents or tutors of a child who’s registered full-time benefit from 10 vacation days at no cost, from day one after registration!

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Please contact the daycare centre you’re interested in to begin the registration process. Our supervisors will be thrilled to save a spot for your child and help prepare the transition from home to daycare. We will be happy to arrange one or many preparatory visits.

Access the Parent-Friendly Handbook

The Parent-friendly handbook is a notebook filled with information that will be very useful if your children attend our Tremplins and educational early childhood centres. Take the time to read it and you’ll be convinced that you’re leaving your children in good hands. You’ll also know what you can do to help your child feel comfortable with us!

Paulette Larocque
Director of Childcare services
705-675-6493 ext 1105

La Slague jeunesse

La Slague jeunesse offers a full season of first-rate artistic events to Greater Sudbury’s children and families.