Children discover the world around them through their imagination. Creativity is also developed by letting children’s imaginations run wild.

Today’s activity allows you to do develop creativity, all the while imagining and building a world of your own. We suggest you build your own city, like a playground that you can use to your liking!

Step 1 : Preparation 

You will need :

  • Painter’s tape or masking tape
  • Your children’s toys (cars, characters, animals…)
  • A sheet of paper and pencil (for plans, optional)
  • An old sheet (to make your city mobile)

While this step is not really necessary, it allows you to enter the next step with a better idea of ​​what you want to create..

Make a diagram of the city you would like to build on a sheet of paper or a whiteboard. You can include streets, buildings, parks, just like a map! The possibilities are endless and will reflect your imagination!

Step 2 : Construction 

Using tape, you can start to bring your plan to life! Create streets, parks, houses, and other buildings by cutting pieces of tape and sticking them to the ground… You can even add a farm, stores…whatever you want!

Another idea is to recreate each house on your street, for example, or you can simply imagine a place that does not exist.

You can build your city in your bedroom or living room, or even on a large sheet that you no longer use or a large piece of cardboard, so that you can reuse it. You might even want to transport it outside when the weather is nice.

Step 3 : Have fun!  

It is now time to enjoy your creation! You can add small animals, figurines, cars, or any favourite toys or accessories.

You can even build houses with toys that you already have, like Legos or other construction toys to make the city even more realistic!

Keep the tape nearby so you can change your plans as your game progresses.


In today’s diary, the children can document the day’s activity. For example, by including the map of the village that they created or the elements that they plan to add to it. The possibilities are endless!

If your child is documenting alone, you are invited to ask him or her questions to feed and improve the journal entry. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Have you invented a new village or have you recreated a place you know?
  • How did you chose the accessories and toys to add to your village?
  • If you had to name your village, what would it be?

Did you know… 

  • … Playing is a natural and stimulating activity that allows you to learn while having fun. To make home schooling easier, sometimes it’s more fun to find a way to play while doing chores. 
  • … Playing also develops problem solving skills, you are always learning while you play.
  • …Cows develop friendships and are known to have best friends with whom they spend most of their time.

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Furthermore, we invite you to create a village with the contents of the recycling box. You can find lots of boxes, tins and containers of different sizes and shapes to create the different buildings in your city. Use your imagination and share your discoveries with us!


Activity by Van Bam Bam