The blanket fort is a stimulating place for imaginary play, which is indispensable for children.

In their cabin, the little ones embody different characters and experience all kinds of emotions. They can also stage and release tensions or anxieties.

Step 1 : Getting your materials

All it takes is a few blankets to build a blanket fort. Arrange it with cushions, pillows, stuffed toys, a mattress … Comfort is key here!

Step 2 : Choosing the right spot

Choose a place where you can use furniture or corners of the room to extend the blankets to make the roof of the fort. You can also use a table for the roof and install blanket fort underneath.

Step 3 : Getting settled in

Once your fort is ready and to your liking, make yourself comfortable in your new cozy nest. To instill a feeling of comfort, try a relaxing activity, such as reading a book or listening to music.

You can find lots of little stories in French for children on The French Experiment website. These little tales are ideal especially for families with one or both English-speaking parents.


In today’s diary, kids can document the day’s activity. For example, by drawing the cabin of their dreams or by telling the story they discovered inside. The possibilities are endless!

If your child is documenting alone, you are invited to ask him questions to feed and enrich the entry in the journal. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • How did you construct your cabin? And with what materials?
  • What did you bring in the cabin with you?
  • What activities or games did you play inside the cabin?

Did you know?

Your imagination is like muscle that needs to be worked out. Here are 6 tricks to develop your imagination and your creativity.

There is a series of books entitled “Savais-tu” (Did you know), which have the feel of comic booksbut are packed with scientific information that young and old will enjoy discovering and rediscovering. You can find out more here.

You can encourage toddler’s creativity by making a map of imaginary countries. A very nice creative and fun activity that you can discover here.

You can find more information on the importance of building forts in the child’s development here.

We hope you will share pictures of your blanket fort and the activities that came to life inside of it on our Facebook page! 


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