Time well spent with family, in just plain time well spent!  Your kids will cherish these simple moments together.

Today, we thought an activity outside for the whole family would be nice. Get out to the yard or find an open space near home; it’s time for some fresh air!

We thought it would be a good idea to take full advantage of winter fun before the snow melts, so why not build a snow fort?!

If the snow isn’t sticky, more reason to get creative! You can break off square shapes using a shovel, dig a sunken cabin in a deeper spot or pile up snow until your little fort takes shape! If a roof is not possible, you can always add bulwarks for detail!

To generate conversation, ask the kids to dream up activities that can be performed within the fort, or how they might best decorate or furnish their new abode. This can all be logged in their diary.

If weather permits, why not suggest they serve up a snack in the fort!


In today’s diary entry, the children can document the activity on their own terms. For example, they can draw the fort or write a tale of their make-believe play in their own words. The possibilities are endless!

If your child is up to the task on their own, here are some questions you can ask them to stimulate their imagination:

  • Which were the harder parts of the construction? Which were the easiest? And why?
  • What was their favorite part of the activity?
  • Did they learn something new today?
Let's make a diary!

Did you know...

  • … Snowflakes have many shapes and names? Observe them very closely and draw them in your diary.
  • … The shape of a snowflake depends on the temperature outside when it forms.
  • … The formation of snowflakes is both fascinating and hypnotizing? Watch this video.

For more information about snowflakes and their shapes, check Futura Science.
For more hands-on activities on the topic of snowflakes, here are a few more ideas.

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An activity by Van Bam Bam and Kim de Bine