You are lucky to live with your family. Some people folks aren’t so lucky. How about sharing some love through the mail? What a great occasion to showcase your artistic talents!  

Step 1: Who to write to?

We recommend choosing different persons. Of course, grand-dad and grand-mom are on the top of the list, but don’t forget other family members or friends.  

You could also call to a Senior Center and ask if they can think of residents that would like to receive correspondence. I bet they would be happy to receive a nice letter from you. 

Step 2: Create your mail 

If the children are too small to write a letter themselves, you can ask them what they want to communicate and write it for them. Also, remind them it is possible to communicate using drawing or collage.  

Not sure what to write about? Here are a few ideas :  

  • Invent a story. 
  • Tell the story of your day. 
  • Tell them why you miss them.  
  • Tell or draw your favorite memories with them.  
  • Create the portrait of your pen pal

Step 3: Mail your message!

Once you have decided on the message you want to share and the way you want to share it (letter, drawing, card, etc.), it’s time to mail it!  

  • Write the address on a post-it, then your child will be able to copy it on the envelope; 
  • Decorate the envelope;
  • Go to the mailbox of your choice. Use it as an opportunity to go for a nice walk.


We invite you to document the family activities in your journal in the form of a drawing, a collage, a story, a poem or even by pasting objects related to this activity directly in your diary.  

Keep a space to write these questions related to the activity of the day. These questions will help the creation of a discussion around this activity.  

  • Have you ever received a letter? If so, who sent it to you? 
  • Do you know what mail carrier does? Explain what their job is.  
  • How do you think the person will react when they receive your letter? 

Did you know?

  • A mail carrier is the person who delivers mail to your door 
  • In 1911, Henry Péquet, a French aviator, was the first person to deliver mail by air. 15 kg of mail travelled by air.  
  • An acrostic is a poem or stanza where the initials of each verse, read vertically, compose a name or a keyword. For example:
    Great person that I know
    Really knows how to bake
    Always has time to play
    My Gramma is awesome
    My Gramma is the best
    All the time we spend together makes me happy 

To learn more about mail carriers, here is a short film called « La Poste » 

And here are a few songs about mail carriers:  


An activity by Matante Claudette.