Today we explore our creativity by mixing colors!

Colors are the very first elements to help newborns experience their sense of sight. Bright colors catch the eye of little ones because the visual stimuli they generate enriches their neural connections.

Mixing colors to create new ones is also an experience that will develop creativity and curiosity in children.

Step 1 : Preparation 

For this activity, you will need :

  • a large serving dish;
  • Thick foaming white shaving cream (or whipped foam or egg whites);
  • Food coloring (or paint in small quantities);
  • Toothpicks or other sort of stick; 
  • paper.

If you don’t have everything you need, no problem, there are alternatives.

Step 2 : Chose your drawing! 

To start, you can spread the cream in the serving dish. It doesn’t have to be everywhere, but the activity will work best if the shaving cream layer is spread out evenly.

Take the food coloring and put a few drops all over the layer of cream. Use multiple colors!

Then mix the colors using toothpicks. Make vertical and horizontal lines in different directions on top of the cream. You can choose to mix the cream however you want; it is really up to you.

Step 3 : Transfer to paper

Once you are satisfied with your color design, take your sheet of paper, and stamp it on the shaving cream layer. Remove the excess shaving cream from your paper and allow it to dry. You will have beautiful and unique marbled colored paper to write a letter to someone you love or to make a beautiful drawing.


We invite you to document the family activities in your journal by describing the chosen colors for the mix even or by simply placing a sheet of paper that they have transformed directly in the diary.

If your child is documenting alone, you are invited to ask him or her questions to feed and improve the journal entry. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Which new colors did you create by mixing them together ? 
  • How will you use your marbled paper? 
  • Did you use blue? Why ? According to international studies, it is the most popular color.

Did you know...

  • … The colors red and yellow stimulate hunger?
  • … Red the first color a newborn can see?
  • … Chromophobia is the fear of colors ? 

For more details on the power of colors, iclick

Furthermore, you can create postcards for the people you love with your colored paper! Just like we did during this activity:  Happy mail! 

Activity by Van Bam Bam.