Published on Friday, April 26 2024

Programmes éducatifs en nature – What’s going on at home?

We are off to a happy start to this new quarter. Happy to see the arrival of fine weather and spring, heraldin...

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Published on Tuesday, February 6 2024

Educational programs in nature – 2023 retrospective

At the start of this new year, we would like to take the time to reflect on the small pleasures of 2023, but a...

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Published on Tuesday, October 24 2023

Sharing experiences and discoveries!

At Carrefour francophone, we are a big team, made up of different cultures, but we have a lot in common, not l...

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Published on Friday, June 23 2023

Forest and Nature Daycare: Great Advances in the Project !

In May and June, families from our centers with a Nature Daycare Program got together for a number of maintena...

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Published on Wednesday, March 22 2023

Enriching Experiences for Children and Adults Alike !

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, the children at Boréal des tout-petits were surprised when the class...

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Published on Tuesday, January 3 2023

A Year in Review: Adventures, Discoveries and Connections With Our Community

Our little ones are planting, harvesting, and cooking their own food… This year, the harvest of the St-Charl...

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Published on Wednesday, October 19 2022

Forest and Nature Daycare: Welcoming the Minister of Families to announce good news!

In 2020, Carrefour francophone submitted a research project proposal to Employment and Social Development Cana...

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Published on Tuesday, June 15 2021

Risky play for a healthy development

According to Statistics Canada, Canadian children spend most of their time indoors and only 7% of them reach t...

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Published on Wednesday, April 28 2021

The dry toilet: an essential tool for independence and freedom in the forest

As part of our Forest and Nature Daycare project, a very exciting new feature has just been added to our exter...

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Published on Monday, March 15 2021

The Forest and Nature Daycare Project

Since fall of 2019, the outdoors has taken on a more important place in the children’s routine at the Center...

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Published on Wednesday, April 1 2020

Letter to parents – April 1st 2020

Dear families, Yesterday, the Government of Ontario has announced the prolonged closure of its schools until M...

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Published on Monday, March 23 2020

Le Carrefour will be transformed.

A quick word from our cultural programming team. We’re here to entertain and accompany your family throu...

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