As part of our Forest and Nature Daycare project, a very exciting new feature has just been added to our exterior space.

Since the beginning of spring, children have had access to a toilet in the forest. Locally made by Pierre Harrison (PLAYLearnThink), a friend of Carrefour francophone and a fervent defender of free play, the toilet is made of wood, it is ecological and does not use water. This is called a dry or compostable toilet.

How does a dry toilet work?

We empty and disinfect it every day. To do this we mix human waste with organic waste and put the bag in the diaper bins. We can also dig a hole away from a stream and empty the trash there. We adhere to the “No Trace” principles which promote responsible camping with the least impact on wildlife. Thanks to the dry toilet, there is no more wasted water! And as a bonus, it doesn’t smell bad. The organic matter that is added, such as leaves, soil or straw, absorbs odors and moisture. The dry toilet only retains that pleasant smell of pine wood.

What is the impact on our pedagogy in nature?

In addition to doing our part for the environment and learning more about the principles of eco-responsibility, children love having a toilet outside! They were very curious and asked a lot of questions. For the team, this addition is a significant advantage in facilitating outings in the forest. We can stay outside longer while still providing necessary hygiene care for children. As the camp is also equipped with a hand-washing station, hygiene in the forest has become so much fun!

The space designated for the dry toilet is sheltered (shelter added after the photos were taken) to ensure that everyone can use it in comfort and without worry!