What is the forest and nature daycare project?

Since fall of 2019, the outdoors has taken on a more important place in the children’s routine at the Center Boréal des tout-petits. The different groups go out into the forest regularly, even daily. This is an approach that we want to develop more widely at the Carrefour francophone in its nine other centres.

This is where the pilot project of the forest and nature daycare comes into play! It aims to remove obstacles to the outdoors in childcare centres in order to increase the frequency and number of outings in the natural environment. We work on health and safety, staff training, site layout, partner and family engagement and much more.

The children currently registered with Boréal des tout-petits already enjoy regular contact with nature. We are fortunate to be located less than 200 metres from the forest. As spring and summer arrive, we will increase the time spent in the forest in the afternoons, especially for the preschool group.

Why set up an outdoor center?

Numerous studies attest to the positive effects of nature on young children. We also see a lot of benefits for everyone at the center, including the staff. This is even more beneficial in times of a pandemic, with social distancing rules that are easier to live with and enforce on the outside. It is therefore in the interest of your children that we spend our days outdoor.

The centre's base camp in the forest

In order to offer the best experience to children, we have created a space dedicated to them in the wooded area of Collège Boréal. We built cabins there, set up a table, a slackline and a hygiene station.

The current health situation no longer allows Boréal’s parents to enter inside the centre, but they are free to discover our outdoor base camp! So welcome. Enjoy it! You can even come and play there with your children on weekends if you wish. It belongs to you too.

As a parent of Boréal, if you have any questions or prefer to visit the site with a member of the team, do not hesitate to make an appointment by contacting Céline Kerampran, assistant educator and nature specialist at ckerampran@carrefour.ca.

See you soon,

The team at Boréal des tout-petits.