5 things you need to know about the Troubadours choir

Sudbury’s magnificent Troubadours choir joins us in la Grande Salle at Place des Arts on Saturday, November 25 at 7 p.m.! After an enforced 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Troubadours are restarting this fine Sudburian tradition that embodies the spirit of the holiday season.

Here are five things you need to know about the Troubadours, their history and a few extras…

1. It all began in 1994

It all began in 1994 at Cambrian College, where Normand Blanchard and other teachers presented a café chantant. Josée Forest-Niesing, then a member of the Carrefour francophone executive, was attracted by their performance and decided to meet Normand to discuss it. Their discussions led to the creation of a choir associated with the Carrefour francophone; the Troubadours were born!

2. A choir of music lovers!

In its early days, Les Troubadours was simply a group of music lovers. Over the years, the group has grown into a well-established bilingual community choir known for the originality of its numbers, the energy of its presentations, the diversity of its repertoire and the complexity of its vocal performances.

J'achète mes billets !

3. Dogs also love Troubadours (and sometimes cookies).

On his way to a fellow choir member’s house to bring her sheet music, choir member and president Patrick Breton has made a new friend. As he opened the door to his dear colleague’s house, his dog came out to greet Patrick before going out into the yard to get some fresh air. After a few minutes of chit-chat, Patrick goes back to his car to get the score, but forgets to close the trunk. He returns to the door for another chat (Troubadours are loquacious!), hands the score to his colleague and hits the road again. Except that on the way, Patrick starts hearing strange noises that continue until he arrives.

Perplexed, Patrick the perceptive president demands an answer! He turns off the radio to listen to where the unusual noise is coming from…

That’s when he hears “Woof woof”!

“My God!” exclaimed Patrick!

The dog had not been able to resist the smell of food emanating from the trunk of the car, and had gotten into it without Patrick noticing! Proof that choir singing leads to new friendships!

Please note that no animals were mistreated during this adventure !

4. Miracle recipe for happiness

As choir director Stéphanie Doyle explains, “Singing is much more than mastering a technique, it is about reconnecting with our spirit.”

Here is her miracle recipe for happiness:
Sing in the shower, sing in the car, sing for your partner or sing in a choir, but do not deny yourself the pleasure!
It is good for heart, body and soul. You can arrive at a rehearsal completely exhausted and leave full of energy…
That’s what I experience every week with the Troubadours choristers.
That is the joy I feel when I work with the members of this wonderful choir. The songs chosen for this show are designed to fill you with the spirit of Christmas, peace, love and hope, all while having fun!
I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a great show!”

5. A show that breathes holiday cheer.

This year, La Slague is providing rehearsal space and acting as producer for the Troubadours’ Christmas show. Director Stéphanie Doyle is preparing a concert that embodies the spirit of the holiday season and perpetuates this fine Sudbury tradition. To breathe in the festive season, dance and sing along with the Troubadours, we invite you to join us on Saturday, November 25 at 7pm.

J'achète mes billets !