"Fais à ta tête, c't'à toi les oreilles!"

Under this ear-popping theme, a monster is listening to every imaginable frequency. He escapes from the Slag-Lab, unable to resist the vibrations coming  from a music festival, far away. He listens carefully, and locates the source of the music.

He heads for a copper-colored building downtown. The vibrations are getting stronger and stronger. His siren-like ears lead him to the doors, where he will discover the region’s best emerging artists…

La Nuit émergente is back for a second edition at la Place des Arts of Greater Sudbury! This year’s festival is spread over two nights: Face A and Face B. La Slague is also proud to collaborate with the Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord to showcase the talents of young musicians for a very special edition of Radio-Chaud 2023!

Three days of activities!

The adventure begins on Thursday, May 18, 2023, with the grand finale of Radio-Chaud 2023 at Collège Boréal. La Slague is proud to collaborate with the Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord to offer young people the chance to meet Étienne Fletcher, one of the artists at The 9th Nuit émergente, who will be giving workshops to young musicians during the week of Radio-Chaud!

Next stop? The 9th Nuit émergente : Face A, to be held on Friday, May 19, 2023 at la Place des Arts. The festival kicks off with a memorable double bill: McLean, followed by Étienne Fletcher. If La Slague brings them together, it is for the art of ample and engaging compositions, creating inhabitable moments. Their concert event will take you places.

Come early! We have a little surprise in store for you at the Bistro starting at 5pm!

Finally, The 9th Nuit émergente : Face B, the festival’s big finale, will take place on Saturday, May 20 at la Place des Arts. For the past 10 years, La Nuit émergente has been rolling out its unique formula in Sudbury, combining the relaxed atmosphere of a summer festival with the excitement of an artist showcase. Here is a first announcement of the artists that will be at The 9th Nuit émergente Face B: Joly, Marc-André Labelle, Martine Fortin, Cayenne, Kimya, and Rosie Valland!


Stay tuned! We will be revealing more artists in the coming weeks!



Opening night at La Nuit émergente is an impressive double bill of polished contemporary songcraft. Sudbury’s own McLean, followed by Étienne Fletcher, who hails from Saskatchewan, are both masters of musical ambiance, with richly modulated compositions that create moments to be inhabited. McLean delivers an impressive performance with just a classical guitar and a backing singer. Fletcher’s four-piece outfit responds with something heftier. Their concert event will take you places.


A dozen artists playing musical hide-and-seek all over the building. At every turn, you just might find the next big thing, or your new favourite band. A free-form festival where you choose your own adventure, and where there are no bad choices. Wherever you end up is exactly where you’re meant to be. La Nuit Émergente has been creating memorable musical encounters in unconventional spaces for nearly 10 years now.

Crank your turntables and place the needle, here’s the line-up: Joly, Marc-André Labelle, Martine Fortin, Cayenne, Kimya, and Rosie Valland! 

The Total Event Pass

The Total Event Pass gives you access to all the performances, all the venues and all the excitement of the 9th Nuit émergente, with a discount price to boot! Best of all, it’s clear and simple: its gets you in everywhere so you don’t miss out on anything.

Individual tickets for The 9th Nuit émergente : Face A and The 9th Nuit émergente : Face B can also be purchased.

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