2022 brings a wind of new things for Carrefour francophone!

In addition to our move to La Place des Arts, we are launching two new series for children! There is something for everyone.

Family Saturdays at Place des Arts!

Carrefour francophone, in partnership with Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury and Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, invites families to a series of fun interactive mid-morning activities hosted by talented artists!

The program includes icebreaker activities, interactive arts, science and literature activities, and a “meet and mingle” light snack for families.

Children aged 5 to 9* and their parents are warmly invited to attend! There are 8 to 10 places for one child and one parent, so the total capacity is 16 to 20 people.

*The age limit is flexible if needed to accommodate families.

Here is a preview of the activities:

Science workshop with Pierre Harrison

Presented by Carrefour francophone

Independent learning, imagination and creativity!
First, the children become Pierre’s technical assistants as they help him deliver his presentation on various scientific concepts using everyday objects. For their part, the parents in the audience get great inspiration for ways to continue these explorations at home.

Japanese bookbinding with Mireille Ménard

Presented by Salon du livre

Kindle your creative flame by crafting a bound booklet!

Join Mireille Ménard to discover the techniques of Japanese bookbinding. A simple booklet becomes a unique work of art that reflects the inspiration of the person who created it.

Complementary activity for the play “Ti-Jean de partout”

Presented by Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario

Deepen your appreciation for the wonderful children’s play “Ti-Jean de partout” by taking part in this complementary activity, which includes an icebreaker game followed by an informal discussion. Tickets for the performance are available separately.

Dance performance “Tricoter” by Foolish Operations

Presented by Carrefour francophone

“Tricoter” (Knitting) is a participative performance where dance looks a lot like knitting! The audience, placed in a circle, produces the dance, in which wool threads weave links between the audience, the space and the performer. You will experience a lovely moment of curiosity and exploration, along with the sense of belonging to a community.

See the full programming

Les petites vues : Family movie Sundays with Sudbury Indie Cinema

Carrefour francophone and Sudbury Indie Cinema are pleased to jointly present a new series of children’s films in French.

Les petites vues is a series dedicated to animating the mind and the imagination. Through cartoons, children will have the opportunity to experience fantastic and wonderful worlds on the big screen, filled with themes and issues that they will encounter throughout their lives. Through language and entertainment, young and old will have the opportunity to discover and explore notions of adventure, love, sorrow, complicity and friendship, all in French!

In January: Le grand méchant renard

Whoever thinks that the countryside is calm and peaceful is mistaken. In it we find especially agitated animals, a Fox that thinks it’s a chicken, a Rabbit that acts like a stork, and a Duck who wants to replace Father Christmas. If you want to take a vacation, keep driving past this place.

In February: Nocturna

In the aging orphanage the days pass very uneventfully, but the nights are something quite different; at least for Tim they are. The light reflected from the stars is the only cure for his fear of the dark. One night this fear leads him to the orphanage rooftop. Where he discovers that his favorite star has disappeared, and unfortunately it’s not going to be the last one.

In March: Mia et le migou

One night Mia has a premonition. So after saying a few words of parting at her mother’s grave, she sets out on a journey across mountains and jungles to search for her father, who is trapped in a landslide at a remote construction site.

See the full programming

It's always good to know...

Comfort and safety

Carrefour and its partners want families to feel confident and peaceful during these events, and we take everyone’s health and safety very seriously. Always following the recommendations of Public Health in force, we offer activities with reduced capacity and following safety protocols.

Currently, Ontario government’s vaccine passport policies require all customers wishing to attend events at indoor performance venues to present proof of identification and full proof of COVID vaccination- 19 before being able to enter the premises, with limited exceptions. Does not apply to children under 12 years old.

Flexible and accessible ticket policy

In solidarity during these trying times and to ensure that everyone has access to the arts and the new Place des Arts, Le Carrefour and La Slague have instituted a « pay what you can » policy the family Saturdays series at La Place des Arts. Financially challenged patrons are welcome to pay less or nothing at all, while more fortunate patrons can choose to add a bit more to their ticket price to support the policy.

Price range for family Saturdays *:

  • Free ticket: $ 0,
  • Economy ticket: $ 5,
  • Regular ticket: $ 10,
  • Solidarity ticket: $ 15

* except for the Tricoter show (Free rate: $ 0, Economy rate: $ 10, Regular rate: $ 15, Solidarity rate: $ 20).

Family Saturday ticket office

Price range for Les petites vues at Sudbury Indie Cinema:

  • Ticket for Indie members: $ 10,
  • Ticket for non-members: $ 14,
  • Child ticket: $ 7

The little sights ticket office

Thank you!

Many thanks to Delta Bingo Gaming Sudbury for their support of our youth programs. Thanks to their support, we can provide access to culture for all ages!