School or evening lessons

Nothing beats being able to choose!

Lessons at school

The child receives a private half-hour lesson during school hours. They are only pulled from class during the teaching of secondary subjects. Their schedule will be prepared by the school administration, so you know it is in line with the school’s schedule and requirements.

Evening Lessons

The child receives a private lesson in the Carrefour francophone’s studio space on the weekday agreed upon with their instructor. Lessons are held in a space specially designed to promote your child’s blossoming musical talent.

Where there’s music, there’s joy !

At the Clé de Sol, we believe that by fostering a child’s musical development, we foster their outlook on the world. Yes, music feeds the soul, but it also allows the child to take part in their family and community’s cultural life during celebrations and events.

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La Slague jeunesse

La Slague jeunesse offers a full season of first-rate artistic events to Greater Sudbury’s children and families.