Joys of arts and childhood are in store at the
 Festival Petits bonheurs

Greater Sudbury — Festival Petits Bonheurs Nouvel-Ontario is pleased to unveil its rich and varied programming for children aged 0 to 6 presented from May 2 to 31. Fifteen wonderful arts and culture events will be provided to Greater Sudbury children (and parents!) during this French-language festival, which is in its inaugural year. Most of the festival’s performances and workshops will be offered free of charge or at affordable prices to ensure that all families can have access to quality arts and culture.

The festival also includes learning opportunities for professionals. Teachers, early childhood educators and artists can take part in professional development workshops and networking events offered by Carrefour francophone and its partners and providers of early childhood services.

Carrefour francophone’s executive director, Stéphane Gauthier, sees this festival as an exciting new development. “For the past three years, members of our staff have attended the Petits Bonheurs festival in Montreal. We always come back delighted, with lots of great new ideas to use with the children and families in our early learning centres. Now, we are achieving our long- standing dream of providing Sudbury with its own unique festival of high quality programming for very young children.”

Program highlights

To create a magical festival for infants, toddlers and pre-school children, you need magical ingredients, like rhymes, songs, stories, poetry and music. The festival promises all that and more and includes both local and out-of-town artists and performances.

Sudbury’s own Pandora Topp and Alexandra Lee will present “Contes d’un violoncelle VII” and Madame Caron and Monsieur Coco will offer yoga and meditation workshops designed especially for young children. Ottawa-based Vox Theatre will perform the play “Mots de jeux” and host a child-and-parent rhyme workshop, in partnership with the Théâtre du Nouvel- Ontario.

That is just a glimpse of the fifteen artistic awakening activities in the fields of visual arts, dance, stories and music that the Festival Petit Bonheurs Nouvel-Ontario will bring throughout the month of May. The entire program is posted online.

Leaders in early childhood education

CARREFOUR FRANCOPHONE and its event promotion arm LA SLAGUE JEUNESSE are leaders in the field of early childhood education services. To organizations and families in Greater Sudbury and Northern Ontario, they provide unrivaled quality programming in which arts and culture ensure educational advancement and personal development.

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