La Nuit émergente is a gathering call to us creatures of the night.

It is a breath of a fresh night breeze in the middle of March when winter seems never-ending.

It is a night when we French frogs of the North, come out of our hiding spots to look up at the moon.

And even though us French frogs emerge to croak under the stars, you are invited too. Because guess what? We’re in Sudbury, Ontario, where we French frogs, know what it’s like saying something in a language you’re not really comfortable speaking.

So chances are the person next to you at La Nuit émergente speaks English (or, at least, a funny version of it). And chances are they like that band on that stage as much as you do. So you got nothing to worry about my friend. Just sit back and enjoy the music with us.

Because that’s what La Nuit émergente is all about. It is a night of music, everywhere, all at once.

It is a night where you can bask in folk, rock, acoustic, electronic, alternative and international music from one minute to the next.

It is a night where you can discover new artists and actually talk to them after the show.

It is a night where the music takes over and time is only marked by the beginning and end of each performance.

It is a treasure hunt, where the path rewards you every step of the way. Because it’s not only about music, it’s also about people. It’s about that group that trudges along from one show to the next.

There is a strange phenomenon happening during La Nuit émergente. One that rarely happens anywhere else; as the band changes, the crowd changes too. It evolves with every artist. Its ears shape-shift to listen to a new and different sound. And you can be a part of that transformation. You can find someone at La Nuit émergente who likes that eerie band that you love that no one else knows. And the best part? That artist, who was just on that stage, can be that person. They’re also shape-shifting creatures in the crowd.

So come out and sing under the moon with us. Emerge from your sanctuary and follow your ears. French frogs like the company of other night creatures. After all, this pond was never a very lonely place to begin with.