Our team is dynamic, creative and devoted. Meet them here!

Stéphane Gauthier
Executive and Cultural Director
705 675-6493 p. 205
Alexandre Matte
Director of Finances
705 675-6493 p. 203
Sara Fudge
Director of Childcare Services
705 675-6493 p. 204
Julie Joncas
Childcare Services Coordinator
705 675-6493 p. 200
Sophia Bagaoui
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
705 675-6493 p. 211
Antoine Tremblay Beaulieu
Cultural Liaison Officer
705 675-6493 p. 207
Claudine Gagné
La Slague and Events Coordinator
705 675-6493 p. 206
Marie-Claude Savoie
Summer Camps and Clé de Sol Coordinator
705 675-6493 p. 201
Julie Degn
Administration Clerk
Ariane Clément
Marketing and Communications Assistant
705 675-6493 p. 211
Federico Dudet Bellanger
Finance Assistant
705 675-6493 p. 210
Marie-Josée Pelletier
Recruitment Agent

Early childhood centre supervisors

Natalie Singer
Supervisor for the Trésor des tout-petits centre and the St-Thomas, St-Charles Borromée and St-Antoine Tremplins
705 898-1058
Melissa Larivière, EPEI
Supervisor for the Boussole des tout-petits centre
Angèle Robidoux, B.A, EPEI
Supervisor for the Scène des tout-petits centre
Chantal Caron-Duclos, EPEI
Supervisor for the Foyer des tout-petits centre in Hanmer and Supervisor for the Découverte des tout-petits centre
Kimberley Spilman, EPEI
Supervisor for the Westmount and Carl A. Nesbitt Tremplins and the Summer Camps
705 675-6493 p.208
Lisa Lafantaisie, EPEI
Supervisor for the Pavillon des tout-petits centre
Pauline Karcz, EPEI
Supervisor for the Carrefour des tout-petits centre
705 560-2576
Kim Lalonde, EPEI
Substitute Supervisor for the Coeur des tout-petits centre
705 673-2823
Samantha-Joe Laforest, EPEI
Supervisor for St-Charles and Warren
Mélanie McDonald, EPEI
Supervisor for the centre at Collège Boréal
705-560-6673 ext. 3281

Clé de Sol Instructors

Éric Lapalme
Acoustic and electric guitar instructor
André Laforge
Piano instructor

Become an employee

Would you like to become part of the staff at Carrefour francophone? Come see if we have any openings at the moment. The Carrefour francophone de Sudbury, a not-for-profit cultural centre, which relies on a dynamic team of 60 employees, is looking for qualified people to fill certain positions.

Become a volunteer

They are dedicated, talented, reliable and devoted. Without our volunteers, we would be a mere shadow of ourselves. The reason Carrefour francophone can offer so many services and events is thanks to the good people who lend a hand.

Give Claudine Gagné a call at 705-675-6493 ext. 206 if you’d like to give some of your time.

To see our volunteer opportunities, join the Bénévoles du Carrefour francophone Facebook group.