The Slagado club is an extracurricular cultural club made up of teenagers aged 14 to 18. This group is hosted by La Slague and various artists and industry professionals.

Slagado offers stimulating activities for teenagers that awaken their potential and desire to become young leaders, creators and artists. Youth involvement begins from the moment they’re recruited and stretches out over many months, until the Nuit émergente, an emerging music event presented by La Slague.

Young Promoters Club

Slagado is often known for its Young promoters club. Over many months, the teens meet up to discover the musical acts that will perform at the Nuit émergente, create projects to complement the event and draw up a fanzine, which serves as the evening program for the Nuit émergente. The teens conduct quirky interviews with the artists, write articles, lay out the fanzine and contribute to a terrific event in their image!  

Teen Theatre

Within a 13-week timespan, the Teen Theatre instructors accompany the participants in producing a play. Each teen develops their character, contributes to the story, and plays a part in building the set and directing. The performance is held in a professional setting before an audience at the Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario.