We will reveal our 2021 summer camps in February 2021! Be ready!

Summer camps

Summer in the great outdoors is youth at its best!  Le Carrefour francophone offers summer camps that are well organized, full of fun and knowledge… in French! Register your child for one week or more.

Our philosophy

If a child has been placed in our care, it’s because their parents want to offer them the personal growth provided by a rich, authentic cultural environment.

Our staff will gently but constantly encourage the children to use their abilities to interact with their playmates and adults in French.

Our activities are in harmony with the various learning styles of children. They allow children to live their personal development experience in their own way and at their own speed.

Our programming reflects the interests of children and the curiosity they exhibit in the present moment.

Our programming takes the importance of moving into account. We make sure to offer a variety of activities and games that encourage physical activity.

We foster the development of a sense of autonomy in children through lunch and transition routines, as well as activities that solicit their problem-solving abilities.

Our staff promote positive interaction among the children and play a mediation role in case of conflict. Children learn to live together and develop their resilience.