The Subscription "La Totale" Makes a Big Comeback!

The subscription sale is launched! A show presented by La Slague is a moment of happiness! And subscription ticket holders enjoy it even more! With a 40% discount on all shows and festivals, the option of reserving their seats, and prime news shared in advance, subscribers are the rockstars of the season!

So take advantage of it now, because subscriptions sell like hotcakes!  You may be asking yourself “what does a subscription entail?” So here’s a quick reminder of its benefits… and its novelties!

What does this subscription mean? A little reminder of the advantages... and the new ones!

A show presented by La Slague is a moment of happiness! And subscription ticket holders enjoy it even more!

Treat yourself to a subscription this season, and you’ll be happy all year long! Here are 6 reasons to subscribe to the 2022-2023 season!

I’m subscribing!

1. You get a great deal

Because you support us by purchasing our entire season in advance, we offer you the best price of the season! The blind subscription package offers you a 40% discount on all shows and festivals!

2. You can choose your seats in advance

Subscribers will receive an email code a few days after their purchase to select their seats in advance! We have a seating chart built into the box office for all our seated shows. Reserve your seats, and don’t worry about arriving early the night of the show!

3. You have access to ALL of La Slague's shows.

In addition to the official program, The Slague organizes surprise shows, off-season events and special festival activities such as during La Nuit émergente. Your membership will allow you to access all of these events at no additional cost!

4. You can give your tickets away.

Can’t make it to a show? You can give your seat to the person of your choice! Your guests will also be able to enjoy subscriber privileges! Simply give your ticket to your guest.

5. You know everything before anyone else.

Announcements, news, secrets; we share it all with you first!  Our subscribers are in the loop before anyone else!

6. You feel like a rockstar.

Your season pass is a gesture of support that makes a huge difference. La Slague appreciates your support and you’ll feel like a rockstar with a few surprises throughout the season!

Photo Credit: Le Petit Russe

I'm subscribing!