Our rates

The Carrefour francophone’s daycare rates are very competitive; in fact, they are lower than the regional average. Furthermore, the parents or tutors of a child who’s registered full-time for one consecutive year benefit from 5 vacation days at no cost!

Weekly registration

Part-time (1-4 determined days) or Full-time (5 days a week)

Infant – $52.00
Toddler – $42.00
Preschool– $38.00

Registration by schedule

Variable days

Infant – $53.00
Toddler – $42.50
Preschool – $38.50

Please note: A $5 fee will be added each day if your child requires care for more than 9 hours in a day.

Daycare subsidies

Subsidies are available to help cover part or all of the costs associated with quality authorized daycare services.

Low or mid-income families, or families where both parents or a single parent are working or going to school, can ask for a daycare subsidy.

To make a request in the Greater Sudbury area, call (705) 671-2489 or click here.

For those living in Sudbury-East, call the Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board at 705 967-0639 or click here.